Commercial Property Lease

BLC Solicitors maintains a well-qualified and experienced team of conveyancers to deal with sale and purchase of commercial properties along with buying selling, and assignment of Business Leases. We also deal with Sale of Business element of the transaction.

We regularly advise our clients on terms and conditions of Lease contracts along with their rights and duties. We also deal with breaches, notices and forfeiture of Lease. Feel free to Contact us


Before our clients sign a commercial lease agreement, we make certain that they understand all the terms and conditions involved, including the rent, deposit, repair obligations and service charges for gas, water and electricity. We will determine whether you have the correct planning permissions to use the property as you wish and ensure all other planning regulations are complied with to enable you to conduct your business as you intend. We also take the time to discuss what happens at the end of the lease. What is the process for evaluating the condition of the property and for the return of your deposit or the repair of any damage? We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your concern, explain how we can help and quote a price for our services.

For further details, drop us an email on or call on 0121 285 5101 to book an appointment. From offices in Birmingham, we represent clients in commercial leasing throughout England and Wales.